Here is what people have to say about us:

I want to thank each and every one of you who treated me and assisted in my therapy. I know it was because of the treatment I received and the exercises I learned, that my recovery came much quicker than I ever imagined. I especially want to thank Beth, Donna, Kristen, Chris, Garrett and Claire. And, Maria, whom I have never met… thank you for putting such a wonderful staff in place! I will certainly recommend ROM to my friends, family and colleagues. I pray I never need PT again but I know where I’m going if I do!

Patient at Range of Motion Physical Therapy

As a former rugby player, I’ve been in-and-out PT for the last 25 years.  Thus, I will keep it short.  This office and Stacy Glass are simply extraordinary.  They have made my post spine fusion surgery a huge success.  No words can describe my gratitude.  Triple-A in my book.

Alex C.
Patient at Lower Manhattan Physical Therapy

I have been treated twice by ROM and I can honestly say that it was the best part of my day. The entire staff, from the receptionists to the theraists, treat you special. They make you comfortable and at ease. They made my recovery from surgery an enjoyable event.

Thank you ROM!

Bill H.
Patient at Range of Motion Physical Therapy

Yes my physical therapy sessions with you have been very helpful and beneficial for my hurts. The sessions started on time and you were very professional. Your hands are expert and found just the right spots for debumping or smoothing out. You varied the sessions and were interested in knowing if each therapy was working. You communicate very well.
Thank you for your expertise.

Carole C.

Kerry is my hand therapist at Yorkville. She is fantastic. I had surgery at the beginning of September and have seen great improvement in my hand. The staff is very friendly and the location is convenient. I would highly recommend Yorkville Physical Therapy.

Stepheney S.
Patient at Yorkville Physical Therapy

I recently went through about 5 months of PT at Yorkville and it was great. Jim and the PT Aides are extremely bright, friendly, and attentive. They’ve created a very welcoming and fun atmosphere (which made going in for 8am sessions not so bad) while remaining really professional and accomplishing our goals. You can really tell that they’re all excited about what they do and, unlike a lot of other medical professionals, take the time to help you understand your injury.
The office staff is great too. Appointments always happened on time and they took the time to help me with insurance and administrative side of things.
It’s a great atmosphere to recover in!

Lauren S.
Patient at Yorkville Physical Therapy

I have been to a number of Physical therapists over the years and I found that Kaleen and Jim to be two of the best therapists i have known. They are knowledgeable, caring and patient. Their directions are clear and well demonstrated. I never had to wait beyond my appointment time before being started on my therapy. The facility is attractive and pleasant to work in. The other staff members were always helpful and friendly.

Zelda I.
Patient at Yorkville Physical Therapy

I was first skeptical of receiving physical therapy from a place that did not have any Yelp reviews, as Yelp is one of the major review sites that I check before going to a restaurant, office, etc. But, LMPT had a website and it was close to where I work and live, so I gave it a try. And, I am extremely glad that I made the choice to go there.
From the beginning, the experience was great. The receptionist was kind and attentive from the beginning, working with my health insurance and making sure everything was set in regards to making an appointment and billing.
When I went for my first appointment, the receptionist was once again nice and helpful with all the forms I had to fill out. Then i walked around the corner to a very large facility that had plenty of machines (bikes, treadmill, etc.) 6 lay flat benches, and even more open space to perform exercises. My therapist was Zoya, who was great form the beginning. We first sat and talked about the injury to my knee, pain, etc. She then talked about treatment, how long it will be and what I will be doing over the course of 6 weeks.
To make a long story short, the 6 weeks flew by, and my knee injury is now pain free and I am able to do all the things, such as running and playing sports, that I wasn’t able to do before. I have to attribute it all to the therapy and guidance Zoya provided.
I highly recommend Lower Manhattan Physical Therapy to anyone that needs physical therapy. Overall a great experience. 5 stars.

A. M.
Patient at Lower Manhattan Physical Therapy

I recently started physical therapy and chose Lower Manhattan P/T because it’s conveniently located in downtown, close to where I work. The office is big with lots of equipment, a gym, and private rooms for therapy. More importantly, the staff is very nice and the physical therapists are very knowledgeable and tremendously effective. My therapist was Zoya, and she was great from the very beginning. Thanks to her, I have gotten rid of my backpain and have a stronger core and have regained my confidence again and can get back to exercising. She was very thorough in my evaluation and treatment, and really took the time to understand what’s bothering me and how to effectively treat the pain area. I honestly looked forward to every visit and got better with each one. Don’t look further – this is a great place.

L. T.
Patient at Lower Manhattan Physical Therapy

Having spent many hours undergoing physical therapy at Lower Manhattan Physical Therapy I can say without hesitation that the therapists and staff have always been very caring as well as professional. I rehabbed my knee and wrist and I had full confidence that I would get the best treatment at Lower Manhattan Physical Therapy and I did. I am happy to say that I am back in the gym and progressing nicely.

Fran B.
Patient at Lower Manhattan Physical Therapy

The treatments I received at Lower Manhattan Physical Therapy helped me out a lot. Setting up a rigorous regimen to manage and alleviate the hip pain not only helped me through the directions on daily exercises but also by means of the various exercise menus that I went through on site. I really liked that my therapist let me do many different types of exercises, some of which are unimaginable from the mere sight of the tools used for them, as well as the core exercises. Needless to say my therapist knows how to “adjust” the alignment of my hip bones!

Kumi T.
Patient at Lower Manhattan Physical Therapy

I have to say ‘thank you all so very much’ for the hours of effort you put in to help me. You are real professionals and so great at what you do, so enjoyable, too. I have no doubt I will see you again just for refreshers, of course. I will not revert to where I was, when I first met you all!

Lori H.
Patient at Lower Manhattan Physical Therapy


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